Phil Davies Testimonials

Earlier this year I had a major family crisis which left me feeling emotionally bruised and traumatised. I had a couple of healing sessions with Phil. Even after the first healing, I felt a great weight lifted off my shoulders and the second healing left me energised as never before. I thoroughly recommend Phil's fantastic work and can’t wait for my next session.

Anne Hassett - UK

I first asked Phil’s help when I had a difficult situation in life, his healing is highly effective and has brought changes to me. Phil’s healing has opened my heart, I could literally feel my heart opening up and this feeling lasted for over 24 hours, that’s when I knew Phil is a Great healer. His healing has helped me to feel love and respect to myself that has helped me to make the right decision for myself. Phil is very gentle, loving and caring, he talks simply and every word from him is sincere and means well. I trust Phil. I trust that his healing brings me insights and loving energy from above that could help me go through any situation, and it has. I am thankful for Phil’s help, he is willing to extend his help to me even out of his working hours, he has been an angel to me. I have recommended Phil to my friends, and I will recommend him to anyone.

H. Fung - Hong Kong

I have had a phobia of all bugs for as long as I can remember and it caused me a lot of stress over the years. I recently had a series of 3 EFT sessions with Phil, prior to an upcoming jungle trip, to finally address the phobia. Phil was amazingly helpful, being so compassionate, patient, understanding and supportive throughout the entire process. I felt very safe to look at my fears with him. Things began to clear immediately and when I finally went on my trip I had an absolutely amazing time being surrounded by nature and had no fear or stress whatsoever. I was able to appreciate the beauty of the bugs, and their purpose on this Earth, and to see them with love. I could walk up close and look at them comfortably, I didn’t feel my old usual need to squash them before they could attack me. I wanted to let them live and even helped a trapped cockroach escape through an open window. I had a large grasshopper land on my hand and whilst it surprised me, I was able to laugh and let it sit next to me comfortably, letting it do it’s thing. I am so grateful to Phil for his help in assisting me to be more comfortable with nature, in a way I have always longed to be but struggled with. I highly recommend working with Phil towards healing and greater inner peace and empowerment. Thank you Phil!

K. Lucas

Phil's healing power is unique. During the vibrational attunement session, he directly tuned into my negative energy imprints beneath the surface of my mind. He helped me bring out strong emotions such as fear/humiliation/anger/guilt in my subtle body. As the emotions burst out with the intense body reactions, I felt the deliverance from the past. The peaceful mind and spontaneously deep body relaxation were followed without any effort. Moreover, the transformation didn't stop at the end of the session and continued for days after the sessions.


Phil's healing empowered me to reconnect to my heart. Phil is a truly gifted healer! 

Kevin X - HK

I found working with Phil Davies to be an important part of my healing journey. Phil is a gifted and effective practitioner with the ability to empower people to heal themselves and to uncover their best possible lives.

M - HK

Phil Davies , a powerful healer I have met, the power of love , compassionate and knowledgeable healer who inspires me to reconstruction of my soul. Through his session I learnt to communicate to my soul , my gifts and my wounds ; gifts we all have, the moment we get used to embrace our fear and ego , we are free to observe and realise , EFT and energetically realignment that I love the most . Phil is a great teacher and a great healer , many thanks !!

Samantha G. - Hong Kong

I had 2 sessions of energy work with Phil. The experience I had was great. During the energy work, I felt things happening to me I never felt before, e.g. I felt being pulled out of my body or being in the stage of lifting. Phil definitely has a great gift. He is able to tune into my energy and to tell me things about me that others didn’t know. Thanks Phil for the experience.

L. Yee