Psychic Awakening

February 3, 2019

Unlocking Our Gifts


A good proportion of us have been led to believe at some point in time that psychic abilities belong to the gifted few. While it is possible that this may have been the case a few centuries ago, the shifts in vibration of our planetary home and in our own consciousness means that they are now gifts that everyone has, and that they are just waiting to be opened.


It is now widely acknowledge that there are several subtle energetic bodies that surround the human physical for


m. These subtle bodies expand and contract depending on our mood and even directed by our intention.


The building blocks to psychic development begin with the understanding of your own subtle energies and removing the filters we have set in place that prevent us from translating the vast amounts of information that is available at a subtle vibration.


Unlocking this information is not as difficult as one might think. Under guidance it takes less than a few minutes to feel one’s own aura, an act within itself begins to remove filters or negate the programming that only ‘special’ people can do this. Once accustomed to your subtle energies, sensing the aura of others generally brings new sensations of tastes, smells, sounds, emotions, images and even memories seem to enter the mind. Normally dismissed, all of these can be noted and communicated to a partner within a development group, who will be able to make sense of what was being experienced. This confirmation yet again assists in removing any doubts in attaining psychic awareness.


From this point we take advantage of knowing the status of all our senses and our ability to control our subtle bodies. With permission we may now direct our energy into the subtle bodies of the partner (sitter) to “read” the person’s auric field.


Most of the information will be filtered through our mind and by our experiences, so it is necessary for us to build a mental reference of the different types of symbolism and information we receive. For example the image of a barking dog for one person may bring back happy childhood memories of playing with a family pet and depict childhood happiness. For others it may bring back memories of an angry dog and symbolize a warning.


Through this process we are able to build confidence and understand our primary method of sensing energy and information, the main three being Clairvoyance (vision based), Clairaudience (sound based) Clairsentience (feeling based).


The introduction of a regular meditation schedule along with an understanding of our energy centres, colours and sounds allows us not only to increase our health but the vibrational frequency of the subtle bodies that surround us.


Slowly but surely our personal awareness and consciousness expands past that of our subtle bodies and into higher and higher frequencies, where even greater truths and experiences can be found.




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